Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Growing Seasonal

72 degrees, grey and occasional sprinkles fill this day.

And yet...

... it's a great day to spread Pansy cheer. (Wanna see more closely? Click on pic!)

Pansy is on the second set of 4 diamonds per row. Probably tonight she will have the first set of five across. Considering that these diamonds are smaller than the swatch, there will be two sections of 5 diamonds each, then the garter border and then..and then...the wedge!

Pansy is seen here on the mantle, perched on her cone of Bordeaux.

Before a storm might totally dislodge the cinnamon fern fronds, I wanted to share their multitude of Fall coloring.(Click for detail.)

Beside them this afternoon I planted the hanging basket of New Guinea Impatience...we'll see if they will make it through the winter.

And then there are the two parsley plants from a hanging basket planted in what is to become an herb garden. Also planted were asparagus plants/roots that a fellow driver gave Russ yesterday. No picture since it isn't really very exciting in October (as opposed t0o the garden planted in Spring) to see a little patch of freshly dug and watered soil.

1 comment:

yarn elf said...

You sure have made progress on shawl since the last picture. Can not wait to see it blocked and the great design showing more. It is in a great fall color.

How is the pine tree growing? Will have to wait awhile to se how these plants do.