Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Walk in the Park

Not a Saturday, not the Fourth of July, but we three did have a terrific walk in Northmoreland Park this afternoon.

We'd thought that with all the festivities going on in the area, that the park would be fairly deserted. Wrong! Lots of people and dogs along the trail.

The grass really is this green. The sky is really this blue. After the last storm front, the air is clear and crisp once more. (All pictures are clickable.)

This week the fall color is further advanced, more leaves have fallen, temperatures are cooler.

With the lake and the boat dock behind him, Tawny is watching a couple and their champagne-colored chihuahua walking the trail. He knows he can't romp with them, and certainly can't romp with his leash on in a public park. The park is dog-friendly, but it isn't a dog park. Not only are we finally utilizing the county park nearby, but it is good exercise for all of us, good for Tawny's claws, and good for socializing him to strangers and their dogs.

Before loading back up into the pickup, we went down to the lakefront. Tawny has no idea what bodies of water are. But look a bit more than halfway up this photo, along the lake shore. Do you see the great blue heron? Twenty years ago there were no great blue herons here. There were no wild turkeys. There were no bear. There were no Eastern coyotes. The lessons taught in public schools was that these were creatures of the unpopulated wild, neither the wild nor the creatures would be returning to a populated area. All have returned. Yet another public school myth.

Behind Russ and Tawny there is a flock of Canadian geese on the shoreline. These weren't in our area when I was growing up here, either. Often there are several flocks of Canadian geese here at the lake. Even though they are 'doity birds', I still enjoy them. The 'honkers' are my favorite geese.


yarn elf said...

Such a nice day and time with DH is always good and special. G Tawny could provide some nice fiber for a new project also.

Nancy said...

I just happen to have a grocery sack of raw, freshly harvested (this year's crop) Tawny fur on the back porch!