Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Armenian Hat FO

Armenian knitting was so named by the designer Elsa Schiaparelli on those knitwear pieces she had knit by an Armenian knitter who had the color specks showing through, creating a tweedy appearance to the piece. Known pieces which have been released to public files are shown, the technique described and new designs are tendered in Meg Swansen and Joyce Williams' book Armenian Knitting.

This hat is based upon the Three Hat chapter of "AK". I have used the medium cast on numbers and the checkerboard pattern at the bottom that Meg used. The 'Knit' is from Joyce's Knit/Purl sweater.

The knit stitch design on the hat's other side (which I considered the back, but after trying it on, may be better used as the front), is also part of Joyce's same sweater. What a clever sweater it is! The front says 'knit' with the knit stitch, the back says purl with the purl stitch....and if you haven't seen pictures, you'll just have to see the arm and side seam areas! Everyone smiles and chatters when seeing it!

This last photo shows the linking of the knit and the stitch and even more of the Armenian technique.

I finished the hat late last night, dressed it this morning and the shots are taken with plastic grocery sacks stuffing it for blocking.


yarn elf said...

WOw!! Knew I liked what I saw before. Been waiting for this picture and I am real thrilled it is finished. Do like the way the design stands out, Excellent choice of colors.

Layl said...

lots of intricate working and planning it would appear - and it worked ! need the paris model to show it off when dry.

Linda said...

Very cool! I'm going to do something Armenian, really I am....