Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Standin' On The Corner

This morning I opened my email to find a picture from Yarn Elf! It was timed at 6:52 AM my time, which is 3:52 AM his time! That Elf never sleeps! {But then, we knew that about elves because they are (whispered) "magic".}

So, here we see Pools in the River in Bernat Natural Alpaca, color Persimmon, displayed on the corner of Haskell and Maley in Willcox, Arizona. (Stop in if you're traveling I-10 in Southeastern Arizona! It's right downtown by the stoplight!) With her are a hat in Bernat bamboo and a scarf knit by our most excellent fibery friend Yarn Vixen. Still to come are projects knit by Yarn Elf. Now I can hardly wait to see what Yarn Elf knits. He is such an amazing Yarn Elf!

Doesn't she look pretty?

I hope that the display will encourage customers and "wanderers" to purchase yarn and accessories from Yarn Elf. When I worked two doors down from YE, there were days I would just go in to World Wide Hobbies on my lunchbreak and stand back from all the yarn, just soaking in colors and color combinations. On those days, I was a "wanderer". It is so much easier to see the possibilities of a yarn when a sample knit is there for the touching!

Ooh, now where'd I leave that project last night....?


Layl said...

YE told me yest that Pools was getting comments right away from the wanderers and who knows when a wanderer will be a customer? the blue scarf is the bernat soy yarn in the Naturals line, the focus of the display. They had several different fibers in the Naturals which gave us some latitude for projects and colors. That said Pools is definitely the crowd pleaser already.

yarn elf said...

Yes The examples of how knitters are a family and pull together to help one another. Display not total done- but close and YE has learned many new things besides new Fiber Art patterns on this first attempt.