Saturday, April 26, 2008

Walkabout Saturday

Instead of just a Saturday sky picture today, I did a walkabout of the yard.

It's such an abnormally lovely 71 degrees at 10:30 AM in late April. Yes, there is a strong storm front coming in that is giving us humidity and hazy blue, but so lovely I just had to share.

First up is the crabapple tree in her glory.

Next, we see the apple tree just barely beginning to blossom by the pond.

Look at the progress the lilacs have made in a week! From ripening budding leaves to almost open flowers!

And last, by the cellarway/side door we have everything from dandelions to a tulip, a columbine budded, grape hyacinths, crab grass, ground ivy and a sprig of fire bush. The (presumably only) fire bush I severely pruned from 8 feet down to 3 feet and transplanted two years ago only to have missed a piece of root that is now flourishing.

1 comment:

yarn elf said...

Green! Sigh. Looks so nice. My lilacs blossoms froze some this year. Hard to believe the weather can change so fast. Enjoy the nice spring day whille you can as it sounds like knitting weather is on its way.