Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Basking by the Hosta

In the beautiful mid-morning sunshine is some of the progress on the Mythical Beast Contest Entry. I realize that it looks nothing like its last picture, but it really is the same piece of knitting!

He (?) is enjoying company with one of the hostas. It is amazing how fast plants are growing right now. The hostas have grown two inches in the last two days and change colors as they unfurl. Soon they will spread their leaves until it looks like one solid hosta plant along an eight foot area and then produce spikes of lavender flowers the bees love.

This hosta is by the northeast side of the garage. I had divided a hosta that had not been doing well in its western exposure when we moved back here. All the divisions are enjoying their northeasterly orientation and spreading.

1 comment:

yarn elf said...

I see you are working at keeping your project unknown though you are making progress.

You must be grinning now that spring is starting to take over.