Friday, April 11, 2008

It's Bobmas!

Today is Bobmas, the first anniversary of Ravelry's conception!

Casey took this picture of a sleepy Bob (the Ravelry household's pet and sometime inspiration) this morning to celebrate the event. Casey gave me his permission to post this picture here.

There will be traditions starting today to celebrate Bobmas...Casey suggested cupcakes!

In other news, Cami and her cell phone cover and the Marlenas are in flight to Arizona. Most hopefully they are not loaded into the cargo bay of a grounded American Airlines flight!

1 comment:

yarn elf said...

Another famous pet that enjoys Fiber Arts. I am sure he will vote for anything he gets to sample. Alot of growth in one year.

Or any other airline that is being required to do the same inspection. I am glad I am not stuck somewhere and no way to get where I needed to be.