Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cami Coming Along

Cami's not a curtain any more! Started is the bodice,then the garterstitch decrease and the bottom lace shown a few days ago.

And here she is in entirety with 14 inches of lace at bottom, then the other features.

I wanted to wait to show Cami until she looked like more than the curtain Russ thought she appeared to be to start with!

It's a pre-storm 61 degrees this morning...and that's no April Fool. The clouds are whipping from the South, creating darkness not helpful toward taking outdoor project photos.


Layl said...

Your colors are soooo much more striking and youthful looking that that horrid turquoise/black in the magazine. Really a pretty piece and your instincts about the red were good. And yours looks really pretty and wearable - much more so than the mag pic and not at all like a curtain!

yarn elf said...

Well said, I like your idea and a shrug jacket is going make it a nice set for fall in AZ.

Linda said...


Joanne said...

That cami is sexy! Even though your comment on my blog wasn't all that hopeful (you've never found a geographic place that fit multiple needs at once?!) it is useful to hear. I've been trying hard to imagine myself in some of the places the professor is suggesting and it is hard. I'd never dream of living in these places if it weren't for his career goals. I'm just trying to keep an open mind about it all...which is hard!