Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Closer to Scarlett

The rhododendron is the closest this Miss Scarlett is going to get to scarlet....and the bush is pinky-purple ;-)

I finished up Contest Entry, Part Deux except for an accessory I need to purchase.

Right away, I cast on for Miss Scarlett, which I'm calling "Go Bananas, Miss Scarlett" since the Peace Fleece color is officially 'Banana'! Am using a #6 Addi lace 24" circular so as to not have drag with this 80% cotton yarn. I had hoped for more sun today to shoot the picture earlier, but these clouds are hanging on with great tenacity! (We know the sun will burn through those babies now that I wrote that!)


yarn elf said...

Progress,the sweet smell of progress. Do like the name you gave it. There are some nice cotton yarns out there, cotton is not quite as forgiving as wool. Like your backdrop. At least I can seen spring take place somewhere.

Linda said...

I had a thought a couple of days ago on a contest entry, but can't figure out how to translate it to knitting.

Lovely flowers!