Monday, April 14, 2008

Birthday Boy

April 14, 1938 a good set of pipes was born in Holy Cross Hospital, Merrill, WI. The baby boy was the firstborn and so named a "Jr." as was so common then. But he was "Little Ral" to his family, and even now there are family members who will call him that.

Those pipes have enjoyed pipes on vehicles, on radio and television and in-house training films, and singing in church. ADOT even gave him a plaque for being "The Voice".

This shot is taken of Russ when he was recording a TV commercial (as a voiceover) at the AKLC studios in Arnold, PA last year.

Two years ago I took this picture of Russ and Tony Douglas at Tony's in Athens, TX. Each Spring when we go to TX to visit with Russ' daughter Beth, we stop in to see Tony and Mim Douglas. Russ got to know them when he worked in radio in Athens, TX. Tony is a fantastic country singer and fellow COC brother. It was through Tony's father that Russ joined the COC there in Athens. And, it was in Athens that Russ became "Russ" as a good radio name.

Russ wanted a new picture for a project he was working on and felt the silver belly Stetson would fit the bill. He doesn't wear his Stetsons all that much, but he does appreciate the ones he has.

And I appreciate my "Russelluphagus". He was so named when he and our first collie, Chess, were eating cookies and snuffling cookie crumbs and watching "Sesame Street" one afternoon in Willcox when there was nothing else on TV!

Happy Birthday, Honey! I love you.
XXXOOO Sweetums


Feral Janine said...

Happy birthday!

yarn elf said...

Happy Birthday, Such a young 40 looking husband. I remember all those goodies at Christmas you fed him also. At least he he not the Cookie Monster.

Linda said...

Happy Happy again!