Tuesday, April 22, 2008


What's better than a banana?

Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, Color CW-620 "Banana", that's what!

Yesterday's mail brought a box from Yarn Elf's Workshop which included these six skeins of Cotton Fleece. Thank you, Yarn Elf! Such a wonderful Spring color! The plan is that it will be transformed into "Miss Scarlett", a top which was originally knit in scarlet handspun BFL, but not here! Miss Scarlett has wonderfully pouffy sleeve, but I plan on knitting them about 1/3 less pouffy. (After the all-consuming contest entry!)

The violets in the picture are volunteer. Violets grow as weeds around here, a highly propigating native species. When I was little we had a white one every year, but it hasn't re-emerged for many years, I was told. I keep looking for another one!


Layl said...

okay, so your top will be called 'Miss Banana' ? i just love the soft creamy color of that yarn. admired it in YE's shop. should show good definition of pattern and shaping. this should be just a totally fun project when you get to it. you can just go, yeah okay, i'll say it, BANANAS !

yarn elf said...

Green I see green (earth day) but not in AZ. Trees are out and some weeds but not like those. Do like spring flowers if only in pictures.

Yes a nice yarn and light in color. Would ask for a banana pie from the goodie departemt there in exchange but sigh can not be shipped.

Linda said...


Bananas dipped in chocolate. Accompanied by knitting.