Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Good Plain Sock

A basic sock pattern (or recipe) is a Very Good Thing.

It's been very popular the last few years for people to design fancy lace sock patterns with handpainted sock yarn. They are pretty, but the pattern gets lost in the variegation IMHO.

The brown Trekking socks I've been (sometimes) knitting on are a basic pattern. But they're very Autumnal and just cause me to sleep right now, so they got put in the ZZZ department until I start thinking Fall once again, maybe August.

Here we see what I chose yesterday as a possibility for Spring/Summer knitting when I want a break from other projects.(Click to embiggen.) It's STR Firebird in lightweight, from my STR stash. I see poppies and peonies and daisies and weigelias.

This morning I placed the beginnings of my sock against "Aunt Joyce's Peony", a peony we got in a pot last July on our way to Retreat 2.75 from Russ' cousin Bruce's son Jeff in Michigan. Jeff was dividing the garden plants and this is part of the peony that was his grandmother Joyce's favorite (Russ' second cousin who he called "Aunt Joyce").

The sock pattern is from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's book "Knitting Rules", pp. 131-151 which she entitles "A Good Plain Sock". On Ravelry she names it "Basic Sock Recipe."

I am using 12" Addi size 0 circular until I get to the heel.

Spring has Sprung!


yarn elf said...

At least no purple-- and it does look like spring flowers. Yes some yarns do hide some very nice stitch patterns. It is good to have several projects going.

Linda said...

Love the yarn. I've got a plain ol' sock working too. Somewhere....

Layl said...

Plain sox are all i ever start - 'start' being the key word - chuckle.... but have to admit the bright spring colors are a delight as so much sock yarn is in unisex colors and a bit boring and drab at times. however, my panda yarn is not.