Friday, April 18, 2008

Joyous Eye Candy

As above average temperatures and sunshine abounds this week, my spirit and the Spring plants soar.

These are some jonquils we transplanted from up on the hill two years ago. And they are flanking...the beginning of my 2.75 contest entry. What it is, is a secret until July.

Just thought I'd claim it as cast on!


yarn elf said...

Spring--a long awaited time.
Love Hush-hush projects. July- lets see a 2 1/2 month wait- know you will be done before then. Have done several of them myself. So can we ask if you making progress?
Can we make a guess as to what you are making?

Nancy said...

Of course I'm making progress...just started it last night!
Of course you can guess!

Linda said...

Feh! At least you've got an idea to knit on. I may show up entry-less this year. I think I burned out my creativity with last years.

I wonder where he is anyway....

Nancy said...

Think: Native American for yours, maybe? I think Brigette has him.