Thursday, April 24, 2008


Oh, I just couldn't resist that title this morning!

It's cool but beautifully sunny on the way to the mid-70's.

Poor sock has been relaxing on the oak commode watching the Contest Entry grow. It's been almost a week since sock has been knit on but it really grew quickly after I'd posted the cast on/ribbing picture.

The peach tree we planted in the back yard last year came through the winter just fine. We're pleased to see it bloom this Spring. The cherry tree survived the winter, too. The first cherry we'd planted died its first summer and was replaced (by Stark Bros. nursery. They were really good about the whole transaction), so we're really pleased the young trees seem to be doing well. They are in a line with the 5 variety apple tree that has produced so overwhelmingly each year. It is just about ready to bloom.

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yarn elf said...

Yes just a peachy sock and the colors do match well. I see you are speeding along on number 1. Most of the fruit here froze out again.