Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Marlenas dancing

Good Morning!

Marlenas Slippers from a Red Heart leaflet and "Wildflower" Caron Felt-It roving/yarn are enjoying dancing in the sunlight by the hyacinths after a rough and tumble in the basement earlier.

The sunlight is to be short-lived this morning, so I really wanted to get some early Spring shots and have Marlenas in their best light. (Click to 'embiggen'!)

This was a very quick project, as they were started on April 6th and finished on the 8th. Actually, they can be knit up quicker than that. I knit them durn slowly....using #15 straights is not comfortable for this knitter who is used to no bigger than a #6 circular!

Marlenas will be twirling to Arizona for a summer display at the Yarn Elf Workshop (World Wide Hobbies)along with the Summer Camisole and the matching Knit Cell Phone Cover. Tonight's knitting will be back on the cell phone cover!


Layl said...

YD, you have contributed so generously of various things & provided lots for people to consider - from the clothing items to cell phone covers and felted slippers - something for everyone. The Caron display will be vibrant, summery and well presented also. And i am working away on the lapblankie for my contribution to it. Love your spring flower settings.

Nancy said...

I thank you for your very kind comment! IMHO a display should animate the yarns and the patterns and encourage people to try new things. Look! I'm trying new things! And the lap blankie will be soooo colorful and fun that it could also be considered a picnic blanket!

yarn elf said...

Yes the next display should be a show stopper. Felted slippers, sexy tops, warm bright lap robe to curl up under or sit on and look at the stary sky. Shrug and cable wrap to chase the early morning chill off. Love the picture-Maybe SPRING has sprung?