Thursday, December 06, 2007

Baby, it's c-c-cold Outside!

How does a record-breaking 9 degrees at Pittsburgh International sound? (We had a low of a balmy 16 here! We must have been in the banana belt today!)

Yesterday the day was spent taking care of the driveway and walks so VIP's like the mail person and my DH in his truck and bus had passable parking/driving surfaces.

Late yesterday afternoon I took these pictures of the back yard and of DH pushing snow off the driveway with his handy snow pusher he designed and made five years ago. Right after that it was time to go out on his activity run. The roads were not pretty.

Last year about this time it got cold and I got out some of the unspun Icelandic that Meg sells. (Schoolhouse Press has put up the new colors that will be available in January. Hot Tamale!) I'd bought the unspun Icelandic at Camp 2 thinking of a shawl or a Dubbelmossa (Handknitting with Meg Swansen. Chapter 2. Video has been available.) Joyce Williams was concerned that since I hadn't knitted with it before, I might find it temperamental since it is unspun. I responded that since I spin and knit with handspun a lot, I didn't think I'd have problems. Luckily, I was right in that comparison and had no knitting incidents!

Having told you the temperature this morning, yes I did wear it out to the mailbox earlier today....and, the contents of the box from yesterday? ... ('Supposed to be) a Wild Apple bohus (I can't open the box or the tomtens will get me!)....


Yarn Vixen said...

Yup, that's cold. we are awaiting the Alaska cold storm front coming right at us and due tomorrow w/wind at 40mph gusts of course. but at it's worst, no fear, won't be as cold as PA.
Yarn Vixen

yarn elf said...

Do they make a BIG heater to help take off the outside chill? She probally feels like she is in Alaska instead of PA. Hat, mittens,and scarf to help you feel some of the chill factor. Working with different fibers expands your skills.Nice hat and the colors match the snow and the blue from the cold.

Layl said...

AND she left on her DH' head this time - nice touch.
Yarn Vixen