Saturday, December 08, 2007

Third Mouse of Week

And what we have here is the third mouse of the week, this year's mouse for Nikki before it's wrapped. (That's a gift bag with animals portraying all the roles in the Nativity scene...)

The perennial favorite pattern from Wendy Johnson served to guide me toward a quick FO. The pattern is available in her archives. It really wasn't hard to find a section of runnered pantyhose to use to contain the catnip. Hint: keep a damaged pair around for just this project. Having a project like this each year takes the edge out of runnered can say, "Oh, well, another catnip mouse in the running!"

Saturday sky is....grey. Supposedly precipitation is over for now...then ice overnight into Sunday, then into 40's.

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Yarn Elf said...

Mice, maybe you are finished with mice for awhile. Going to have to try for as gift for sister's cat. I need a quick project. Rain just starting in sunny? Arizona. Have to use net for pantyhose. Yarn Elf