Saturday, December 29, 2007

Calorimetry Saturday

Calorimetry is fini!

She was a very quick knit. Soft and lightweight, with a 'vintage' button from the button jar, she feels very good on. The Paton's SWS in Natural blue is super! Not scratchy or crunchy at all now.

As I was sewing on the button last night I realized that for years now I've started at least one new, quick project right after Christmas to have finished by New Year's Day. Think that started in Aztec, NM when it was below zero for two weeks straight with literally feet of snow and I knit cornucopias with sewing thread.

DH took my pic this morning in front of one of his Christmas presents, this one from daughter Robyn, a John Deere clock. DH is fond of his tractors. He's really a 'Red man' (Farmall tractor aficionado) but it's the green tractors that are available most everywhere! And for some reason he gets a kick out of the hourly tractor noises but is irritated by the bird calls on one of the other clocks.

What a great sunrise over the hill! Early, at dawn thirty, it was mostly cloudy, but not right now! It's been so very mild for late December with highs in the 40's and 50's this week. DH was all pleased to look out at the yard this morning at the 'pretty, green grass'!

That's to end on New Year's Day....


Linda said...

Very nice. What to end on NYD?

Yarn Elf said...

Great to keep you warm. Once you work with the yarn it softens and wash well (at lest my swatch did). Like the way it striped. Nice sunrise, no green grass here. Bad for snowbirds when marm there than AZ.

Yarn Vixen said...

Glad you demonstrated in pic how it fit - it was puzzled on that one. Come on Nancy, you can finish one more project b4 NY Day.
Yarn Vixen