Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Last night's Christmas Eve candlelight service at a very small and rural church was what Christmas is all really about. As we left the church, a gorgeous, huge full moon appeared in the East.

Today in Southwestern Pennsyltucky we have this sky....

A 'brown Christmas' is much preferable to me these days than those icy, bitterly frigid, white Christmases. We might just remember that the first and rarely sung verse of the song 'White Christmas' speaks of Palm Springs and other such warm spots wishing for a white Christmas. During this December of horrendous storms and blizzards elsewhere, many are probably wishing for this variety of Christmas weather, too.

This day is gorgeous.

Many wonderful presents found their way to bless us under our tree. And, yes, I must have met the tomtens' exacting requirements. Wild Apple Bohus is here.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Safe Traveling to All.

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Yarn Elf said...

The skies are blue with white clouds, but a wind is blowing here in AZ.

Yes I am sure those in the bitter, wet cold, would like to be else where.

Sounds like a very nice Christmas Eve and a good beginning to this special day.

Looking foward to seeing your sweater and its progress on the blog.