Thursday, December 20, 2007

Navajo Afghan

From 1979 to 1984 I taught on the Navajo Reservation in Northeastern Arizona. It was a public school, not a government BIA school. I loved that land and its indigenous people. I had been living in the Phoenix area before I'd gotten the position and had read every Native American book I could in the Glendale Public Library (of which there were over one hundred). One of the most intriguing and vital things I learned was that Navajo rug patterns are very similar to the Scandinavian patterns of my paternal heritage. I felt spiritually comfortable.

The cafeteria manager at my school gave me the vintage Navajo afghan pattern. I made one for each of my (then) stepdaughters. Never one for me.

Well, I still never have made one for me, but years later crocheted this one for my mother for a Christmas present from my handspun polypay, corriedale and collie.

This 'little' guy is for a seven foot long couch. He has felted a bit throughout the years, but is so cozy and warm and 'loverly'.

And there's still one more afghan to show later on...


yarn elf said...

I remember that afghan pattern, I have one. Your is extra special,made like the Indians, spun the yarn, make the blanket. I do not know about little though, but must be nice to curl up under considering the weather you have had.

Penny said...

My aunt gave me the pattern way back in the 70's too. I made one in red, gray, white and black! Now, I wonder where it is now? Seeing yours brings such great memories of my aunty.