Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pi R Square(d)

In preparing for the first year at Meg's camp, I did take two long sleeved shirts with me, knowing that air conditioning can be a bit on the coolish side. Oh, it was cool, all right! The timer was predictably coldest at 1 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. every day. Those shirts did, indeed, get worn. But I wanted something that I had knit to wear, much as I am fond of denim shirts. There's just something wonderful about wearing your own handknits at a knitting camp.

For Camp 2 I knitted one of Elizabeth Zimmermann's all-time Greats, the Pi Are Square(d) shawl. In the first picture, the shawl is blocking on a double bed, which isn't really big enough for the shawl. But Nikki the cat made sure the shawl didn't go anywhere, in his admiring fashion. Every time I block an item on that bed, Nikki is right there, purring away. And, he never gets on the item! The second picture shows me wearing the shawl, taking an infamous mirror shot. (Nothing like the tshirt printing reading backwards in the mirror!) I really did need to crop the picture for the flash!

I used the pattern in Knitting Around but I didn't use wool (gasp!). At that point I almost felt like a traitor since I knit with wool 99% of the time. I had some lovely cotton acrylic light blue and white denim yarn by Bernat that came from the Yarn Elf. It knits like a dream and launders well, too! It even is block-able! The white edging is an Old Shale variation that Andrea and Amy Mielke had posted on their website. I was able to show them the finished product on the Saturday Market Day at camp.

Sorry for the late posting today and no post yesterday...it's getting a bit hectic. Sheba Sue and Tawny Tornado were groomed and bathed in the bath tub by moi today, amongst other activities. It was the first time I felt confident about my bone/muscle/tendon/ligament strength since the flight to bathe a 120 pound or so collie dog.


Linda said...

See - cotton and cotton blends aren't all bad. Even if you don't live in OK.

Glad to hear you're so much better...although couldn't you think of something more fun than dog baths to prove it with? ;-)

yarn elf said...

That is nice yarn and unlike just cotton it keeps it shape. Cotton blends off more options. The white edge blends well with the blue heather tone.

Yes, glad you are doing better, but a bath, or are you trying to get more yarn material and clean it at the same time?