Saturday, December 22, 2007

Solstice Saturday

And officially it's Winter, having arrived at 1:08 AM here in Pennsyltucky. This week's snow is gone with us being between weather fronts. The high today is to be 51 with 58 the high tomorrow morning , then dropping temps all day for flurries Sunday night and Monday. Not a White Christmas due here. Weather prognosticators tell us we only ever have a 24% chance of snow on the ground at Christmas, anyway.

Yesterday was the last day of school for 2007. Whether or not anyone's to give presents, thanks and love are more than spoken. Bus drivers are no exception. DH got a load of goodies. A lot of candy and gift cards, a school bus driver mug and gift cards. Some people have all the luck of having an excellent driver and excellent kids.

DH has a very rural bus route. The other drivers say he drives on the turkey trails, which isn't too far from true. He has a 66 passenger bus that has to be driven the back roads, some which are not paved and are just wide enough for his bus to traverse. There is one road he drives on which should he meet a bus from another school district (about twice a year) one of the buses has to back up. He sees wild turkeys and deer almost every day. Last year, in fact, two deer committed deeracide into his bus. One crashed down a wooded hillside into his bus and the other ran right into the side of his bus.

It is a much-loved bus. DH washes and waxes it frequently, sweeps the foot dirt each day and hardly ever has to empty his two wastebaskets. There's a lot of respect and faith riding that bus. Kids tell him they're proud that their bus is the cleanest and best bus in the fleet, even though it's not the newest. But it's a Freightliner, and Freightliners are 'Kewl', so I'm told! They even occasionally will bring a friend onto the bus at loading time to show the friend their bus. There are many good kids in this world, with these being just such an example.


Yarn Elf said...

I know your favorite Christmas carol is I'm Dreaming of a Sunny Christmas, as wet white is not your best love.

Yes, now days it is good to see kids that you DH has. I see so many that have no respect in my jobs. I know DH is a People Person and that shows by the way the kids and parents think of him. Maybe we should have got him a Santa Hat to wear the last day.

Linda said...

See - just when we think they're all rotten - we hear about kids like Russ has. Hmmmm....ya think maybe the way he treats them might have something to do with the treatment he gets in return?

Give him a big hug, tell him to enjoy his time off, and find out what he wants for dinner this spring when you guys swing through.