Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cookie baking day

Making DH happy today meant spending more hours in the kitchen than I prefer --- baking Christmas cookies.

Today's array were vanilla/almond pizzelles and Russian tea balls (as they're known here. Mexican wedding cookies as they're known in Arizona.)

My biggest problem with Christmas cookies is that I don't sample them. Inhalation Therapy is what my mind believes cookies are inherently. I put off baking any for as long as possible. But,since tomorrow is to start several days of wintry mix/rain/accumulating snow, guess the kitchen and I had better make friends.


Anonymous said...

My kitchen and I need to make friends again. My Hubby loves homemade bread and all sorts of goodies so its time to get to baking! Along with about half a dozen Christmas Knits to do. I think I've got my work cut out for me! :-)

Linda said...

Ummmm.....can I come see you? Inhalation therapy my foot! I'm eating!!

Yarn Elf said...

Sigh--Can I come to visit, I can make friends with your kitchen. I remember the Christmas baking, the aroma and knitting while the cookies or other items baked. One row time for cookies to come out.