Sunday, December 16, 2007

Embroidered wall quilt

In the transition days between embroidering and quilting, I created this Christmas mini-quilt (click to embiggen) for my mother for Christmas. We lived on Ft. Grant Rd. then, so it must have been about 1991.

I was so proud of it because I had never put embroidery patterns together before, had never made a mini-quilt, had never used metallic thread.

After mother died, I found it at the bottom of a cedar chest.

We don't want to consider her reasoning on that one.


Layl said...

For whatever reason, people WILL put our gifts of love and labor away for a special occasion, or so they won't get dirty or worn out (sigh) -- i tell the recipients of my handspun items to Use it, Wear it, Drag it around. if it wears out i'll make them another, but puleeez do not put on a shelf.... and despite their amazement that such things should actually be enjoyed, i think they do. Yarn Vixen

Layl said...

the moral of my tale is do not despair - she obviously loved it and appreciated all your work and saved it for 'nice'... Yarn Vixen

Nancy said...

That's what she would say...but used other's work...I know, save for 'good', but it doesn't 'work' that way...nor would interaction relate that in daily living. Sigh...the interaction of mothers and daughters is a curious thing.

Yarn Elf said...

Such a labor of love, I am sure it was cherished and put away for safe keeping. My Mom does that. Some is used other put away for special times. Then with age comes memory loss, I know I have, where did I put it? Put it up and think of all the special times with your MOM.

Linda said...

I think everyone else has covered the reasons. And that's part of why I don't knit much for others. The whole idea of me making something is I want it to be used. If I don't think it will be, I don't make the effort.

Just smile and think of her every year when you put it it out.