Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Tonight we celebrate Christmas Eve.

I'm sharing my first creche that was from my very first Christmas, and all those thereafter. This year it is placed on one of the china cabinets in the dining room, above all.

Every Christmas Eve, I have gone outside to scan the night sky for that most beauteous of sights...the Star. Though it is not visible yet, it is in my spirit. May it be in yours.

For those curious and especially with children, this tracking site for Santa's journey is so much fun:

Merry Christmas...and to all a good night.


Yarn Elf said...

Merry Christmas Yarn Diva and DH.
Christmas should begin in the heart, HIS light should shine and fill the heart and it sounds like it does in your heart. We are seeking the peace and the true joy only HE can bring and give.

Merry Chistmas to all who read this.

Yarn Vixen said...

Attended candle light service tonight and NOW it truly is Christmas... at last.
Yarn Vixen