Sunday, December 30, 2007

Graying into Winter

Unpredicted starry night and sunny morning have deteriorated into constant heavy grayness preceding possible winter precipitation tonight.

What better weather than to cook up some stew. DH cut venison round steak and our last beef round steak from the freezer that I'd thawed into cubes for the stew. Have been adding to the stew all afternoon; consequently, a late blog post. So far in the stew are venison, beef, carrots, and from the garden freezer-- tomatoes, yellow squash, peas and corn. Potatoes will be added when space available! I also add garlic, lemon pepper and bay leaves. I'll taste it later to see if it needs beef bouillon. DH always says it tastes better the second and third days, so the stew is actually not for dinner tonight, but for tomorrow.

My knitting goal has been to finish the Everlasting Sock#1 and to start Sock#2 by midnight New Year's Eve. The toe grafting and start of Sock#2 accomplished this afternoon!

Like everyone else, I need to see what I want to make my knitting goals for 2008. I do have my queue on Ravelry. I do want to work on my Wild Apple Bohus I got for Christmas. I also have the Dean Bohus hat I'd gotten from Kimmet Croft at Camp 2 in 2006. I'm glad I got it now, since not only do I really like the Dean pattern, but Kimmet Croft will no longer be in business due to Jan's illness. There is another lady now doing dyeing for Bohus in the Midwest, and she offers the Dean bohus sweater {plus, I really like the name of her business (Stagecoach Yarns)!}. That may be my next Bohus purchase! Just a thought.

I like working on my knitting journal as I work through the projects. It's really not a journal, really more of a scrapbook. But I enjoy seeing which projects were done when and the details. I'd kept several years of fiber photos when I lived in Arizona, but this is better because of the details.


Linda said...

I've decided no self-imposed goals/deadlines/drop dead dates this year. Well, other than camp registration. Life throws enough at me without adding to it. And these people going on yarn diets? In your DREAMS baby!

Yarn Elf said...

Goals!! Deadlines!! I never can schedule my day, much less a year. Tried that last year when had a request, started the request, put the request off as tried to do things that required attention now.
My goal this year is to make sure each day includes knit/prayer time. been told I must keep track of projects.