Friday, December 21, 2007

Bella Coola arrives

Now, this is more like it! Look, Ma, no poirple!

The final Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock club package arrived in this very mailbox yesterday. (As always, click on pics for detail!)

I am so much more pleased with this selection. Tina's 'basic blueness' that created Blue Moon Fiber Arts shows through here beautifully. Should all the skeins have been so beautiful, I would not have gone on my rant after receiving the last one. Plus, I would have rejoined for next year. But, I'm not rejoining.

And that money will go toward Camp and other projects.

It was such sharing the excitement and packages for two years. Just like a kid, I do "lerve" a good package!

It's time to knit on(ward).


yarn elf said...

Yes Nancy, there is a Santa and knew you dislike purple. WOW, I do like this one. Been on their site and they do have nice colors. From your pictures I agree they seem stuck on purple shades. Can not wait to see it worked up.

Linda said...


I still know where your purples will be appreciated though. :)

krafty1 said...

Love the color: what's the name?