Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Yarn Thrum Ornaments

Last year I saw on a blog that there were empty clear glass ornaments that could be bought and filled with yarn ends. Hmmm. Maybe I could find some.

About two weeks later I found some at JoAnn's Fabrics in Lower Burrell on sale. This past weekend I saw them in various shapes at the Yarn N Darn in Lower Burrell;so, they are still available.

Throughout this year I have saved some of my yarn ends from knitting projects and put them in several ornaments. Although I have them hanging from the chandelier in the dining room, I placed them on a wreath in the living room to be better photographed. I find it curious to know that I can look at these ornaments in 50 years and note exactly which thrum came from which project!

You can see just a bit of the outside through the wreath...it jumped to 60 with hazy sunshine this afternoon. This weekend it's not to get above freezing, so this afternoon is to be applauded.


Puella63 said...

Loved your blog!

Cristina from EZ's group

Linda said...

Cool ornaments! Any idea who the manufacturer is so I can pass the info on here?

Hope our storm doesn't make you as miserable as it did us.

Yarn Elf said...

Ah! The knitter's version of a quilt. Be able to look, see, and remember all that has been done. Snow on the mountains, still cool and damp In AZ.