Sunday, January 20, 2008


Taken through a dining room window this morning, this picture shows the Banana Belt low of 11 here this morning, though we also had minus 16 degree windchill. It was officially 5 above at Pittsburgh International this morning. No Lake Effect snow arrived as was previously predicted.

When it gets cold, we get designs 'painted' on the storm windows, as can be seen here.

Yes, that's a 'working' well. The well pump in the basement is switched on manually, should we lose 'city water'. Luckily enough, we are partially doubly plumbed and can use the well water for outside watering or in the powder room. It is one of the very smart things my father did when this house got city water and the owner was permitted to do own plumbing as long as it was done to code. And, one cannot trust others to do the quality of work one can learn to do one's self.

Being raised with that philosophy is one of the reasons I am the way I am....

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Yarn Elf said...

A plus, no snow, not your most thankful part of winter. A well is something to be thankful for and a lower bill because of it. Progress is sometimes not progress, was nice when you could do your own thing.