Monday, January 14, 2008


Claude, my maternal grandfather, always liked gadgets. When we'd go grocery shopping, he'd spend his time at the gadget/hardware aisle. He'd always say, "If you need me or when you're ready to go, I'll be here." This was a very good thing;for, he was a jokester and one never knew what prank he'd pull if he were wandering the grocery aisles. This compass was one of his mechanical miracles of modern life.

Why a compass today? Blogland has been filled with fibery plans; 2007 retros; 2008 wishes, dreams and promises. Even though it's the third week of January, there seems to be discomfort in the air. A lot of people are suffering through a 'bug' (which they seem to be sending my way) and many mechanical miracles like laundry helpers are breaking. We're seeking our compass to find a comfortable yet edgy and inspiring pathway.

Yesterday I was emailing with a friend in the SW who had problems deciding what to put on a blog that would be public since the skipping and dancing and singing with new found joy was private. But I see that joy spreading into all phases of life. Although exact details might not be shared through blogland, it can be shown in the glory around us --- seen when our vision clears and the joy returns.

This past Autumn was spent clearing out most of my fibery UFO's for which I'm pleased and grateful. It did get a bit boring not to really start a new project when along came Meg's KAL for the Christmas stocking. I had great joy in that. A new KAL with her coming soon I look forward to with great anticipation. I've joined the SOTSii which has clues starting this Friday.Wild Apple Bohus is coming along slowly due to gauge only, certainly isn't because I'm not enjoying it! A new project will be arriving this week, too, for a display for Yarn Elf's establishment. EZ's ribwarmer DVD will be available shortly. And, the Armenian Knitting Ravelry group is working on a KAL. There will be more... Spring is on the horizon (honestly, it is) and more projects will awaken my spirit. I will come out of hibernation like my bear totem and Punxsutawny Phil.

Just need to keep that compass within reach.


Yarn Vixen said...

Good go, Nancy, sometimes we do indeed forget to look at our spiritual compass and are thus left adrift in a sea of anxieties.

Yarn Elf said...

Yes, without direction we can become lost in life, It is good to check in at least once a day to have our spiritual compass adjusted so we are not adrift or lost to the cares of this world.