Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Weak Wednesday

After the storm passed through overnight, weakness, tiredness, grainy eyes, upset tummies all ensue.

At 2 AM it was 52 degrees. By daybreak it was 20 with a minus 4 windchill. We were lucky in that we only lost one section of downspout. We were lucky not to have had the rain 'flash freeze' to ice as predicted. We were lucky not to lose power. We have been blessed. But tired.

Here are the pictures of the amaryllis this morning! That is the cheeriest thing about not going back to sleep at 5:15 --- seeing amaryllis in her glory!

'Pools' is ready for the underarm.... since I can't steek this yarn, I have to go back to other construction techniques. Hmmm. Might just visit SOTS....


Linda said...

Wow - it's gorgeous.

It was 58 yesterday morning when I got to work (7 am) and was 34 at lunch. With the wind howling all day long.


Yarn Elf said...

Yes, visit SOTS....a change is needed. These winter storms have not been nice and your's have been meaner than here. Glad to see it bloom, it is your color-to brighten your day. The picture made me smile and think spring soon.

Yarn Vixen said...

The amarylis was a 'gift' to you to brighten your day after a long, wearying night. enjoy ! and give thanks.