Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pools in the River

Persimmon did arrive in Monday's mail! I couldn't believe the Post Office was so efficient! This is the yarn for Yarn Elf's display project. It is Bernat Alpaca Natural Blends, color 93430 Persimmon. I am using a #6 26" bamboo circular needle from Crystal Palace. After having been using Addi Turbos for recent projects, this needle, which had been one of my favorites, may be retired. The 'drag' of the bamboo isn't thrilling me with this alpaca mix.

These pictures were taken outside by our pond this morning where the skiff of snow is throwing off the true color.

I wanted to knit an aran and had considered the aran in Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitters Almanac, January chapter. However, there are at least two different online groups working a KAL on this. Being true to my nature, I had to use a different pattern. So, looking through my Schoolhouse Press notebook of "Spun Out"s and "Wool Gathering"s, I came upon "Wool Gathering" #60, March 1999, 'Pools in the River.'

Meg writes in the publication that the original 'Pools in the River' appeared in Woman's Day magazine in 1965 but without designer credit, which was frequently done then much to the consternation of the designers. Meg's version has been changed considerably from the original. She shows a cardigan in both interpretations but mentions a pullover.

I am knitting on in that direction.


Yarn Elf said...

The yarn will help you choose what it wants to be. Sounds like a good begining. Yes, you always do your own thing, that is what makes you special. I agree, after using Addis you get spoiled, sometimes drag is nice sometimes not depends on the yarn or if you are just learing to knit on dps. Waiting to see and hear more about all your projects.

Yarn Vixen said...

Hey, Yarn Elf - when you going to get an initial post up on your blog and 'begin' so we can go there to see what's happening at your shop?
Yes, Nancy is ever the explorer in our circle - trying new things and seeing if this or that works (it always seems to...) :-) Smart as a whip, she is.

Nancy said...

Somethings work better than others... and my 'smart as a whip' has the unfortunate tendency to get me into trouble when combined with 'razor sharp wit.'