Thursday, January 31, 2008

J&S "Discontinued" Yarn Sale

Connie at Jamieson and Smith started a Ravelry group a few days ago. J&S is having a discontinued yarn colors sale starting February 1st (tomorrow) and Connie posted those colors on Ravelry. She has given permission for anyone to use her picture on his/her blog.

More colors have been added to the discontinued list.

There has been a great deal of discussion and hand-wringing over the color discontinuation. In the process, other possibilities are being worked out for those of us who do love Shetland wool. J&S is also coming out with some new products to (hopefully) extend their company's viability.

In the short term, I offer the discontinued shade card provided through Connie for perusal.

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Yarn Elf said...

So sad, it is getting harder and harder to find fine yarn in colors you like. At the store there has been so many notices of major fiber supplies locking the doors the last few years. Try to buy what you can while you can.