Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What're We Doin' NY ...Day?

What're we doin' New Year's Day?

Well, some of us is polishing his boots for the new year.

And, some of us is starting to wind her Wild Apple Bohus skeins.

She's also dreaming of more than enough projects to fill her queue this year but knowing that KAL's and books and internet doin's and 'wild hares' will skew the queue...and that's all right, too!

A year ago I had no idea that I would actually finish all these projects I had planned, like the Russian Prime and the Gansey. I really had hopes to finish my Mimbres that had had spurts of knitting but still had a long way to the finish line. I had plans, but it seemed so unlikely to actually do it.

They are finished and being worn. Other projects were planned throughout the year and others came through opportunity. I love my Giant Santa Sock and Taz was such fun! And the socks, mostly for traveling/boredom/sleepy-time? They're happily being worn and enjoyed with more pairs on the way!


Jaya said...

My Wild Apple is wound and ready. As soon as I finish the vest and the FI bag, I'm going to start it.

Yarn Elf said...

See DH is geeting ready to face his kids and is setting a good example.

Can hardly wait to see more on the Wild Apple-do like the colors. GGG wish could feel that special yarn. I can see why the poor sock is not getting the attention.