Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Winter Cozy

Today was a reprieve after yesterday when we had 30+ mph wind and snow flurries from 11 a.m. on. The official snow measurement is two inches, but all bets are off because of the drifting. There was a 2 hour school delay all over this morning due to windchill.

The predicted lake effect snow bands never set up. We had nearly all day sunshine and a high of 24. It's already 19. Sheba,the miniature schnauzer, believes this is just excellent weather to cozy onto the couch. On the back of the couch is DH's Christmas afghan one year --- handspun collie fur and polypay lambswool with a cotton blue denim stripe as well. He dearly loved our collie Chess and this is his special project including Chess' fur.

This is the swatch for Wild Apple bohus on 2.50mm Addi turbo circ. I worked on it with hope that somehow I'd be close to gauge. I don't know how it happened, but I am 'right on' with the gauge -- 34 stitches = 4".

Cast On!


Yarn Elf said...

GGG I understnd tiny, I have a lace tam going for Mom it is 26 sts=4" on #2, and you are 8 below that, much be some fine yarn. Can not wait to see more. Now know why the comments about the endless St st.

Yarn Vixen said...

Your 'perfect' gauge brought to mind the old book title now for you "Sometimes a Great Notion"... go for it, while it's all good.
Yarn Vixen