Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Slow Wednesday

Slow Wednesday today...a bit of carpet cleaning, cleaning my finch feeder and refilling it (for the cold weekend ahead and everyone likes fresh food in a clean 'dish'), household daily fiber yet.

However! Michelle started a msknittingcamp thread about camp apps online February 1st. That gets a few of us motivated!

Meg and Cristie, Camp 1, 2005


Layl said...

AHHHHHH - C A M P, now you're talking... heard anything about what changes being contemplated?

krafty1 said...

Which camp session are you contemplating?

Linda said...

Me 2 me 2 me 2. I can't wait!

Yarn Elf said...

Camp, the wheels begin to turn, the desire to see old friends, meet new ones, and the KNITTING. Something to brighten the winter blues. It is like Christmas again but with knitters in mind.