Thursday, November 01, 2007

All Saints' Day...time for Christmas

November 1st already! Definitely the 'holiday season' is upon us. To be honest, advertising wants us to believe that every day is preparing for shopping for more presents for more holidays. Heard my first Christmas ad on the radio yesterday.

But it's All Saints' Day and I want to share how far I've gotten on Meg's KAL for a Christmas stocking. She's using J&S shetland 2 ply jumperweight. I'm using worsted on 24" #4 circular. Mine will be humungous, I suspect. But that's OK. DH has a stocking and I have one and none of DH's grandkids with us this holiday. Two years ago Blake came up right before Christmas from Austin and I designed and made him a Christmas stocking and he even got to see his very first snow!


Linda said...

So if it's too humongous, felt it a little. : )

Layl said...

somehow the comfort of the familiar red, green and white, harbingers of the Christmas season, made into something of beauty and/or usefulness, create a small area of peace, true peace, amid the chaos of our day. Thank you Nancy for sharing. Layl