Friday, November 09, 2007

Doggie Day

The first collie DH and I had was a fella who just didn't want to grow up named Windy Valley Winchester or Chess (because he was the color of Southern Chess Pie) or Chester. We'd gotten him on a trip to the Valley of the Sun when my DH was delivering a studio tape to be cut into a 45. We lived in the Sulphur Springs Valley (about 210 miles from where Chess was born) and one of the mountain ranges was the Winchesters. That was about 6 years before I learned to spin.

The second year I was spinning, there was this collie fur getting blended in with my yarn..."Self," says I, "why not spin Chess?" And from there on out, Chess was harvested for wonderful spinning fiber! And although Chess was "pet quality", he won a blue ribbon on everything made from his fur!

Our current collie, Tawny, is modeling my "Chess hat". DH was very helpful in arranging this photoshoot...goodness knows Tawny is too curious to wear a hat for too long (like a nanosecond!) The second picture shows the hat in a closeup with only a ceramic collie behind! But, no! The hat does not smell like a dog. Ever.

The collie fur hat is 2 ply collie fur knit on #7 and #9 circs and is based upon a hat in "Homespun, Handknit", edited by Linda Ligon.


Layl said...

Doesn't he look like Fabio" !!! ??? he's sooo handsome in his head warmer.. Yarn Vixen

kpollard said...

I know first hand of the yarn, it has a great feel. Nope no dog smell.
Yep he does look handsome. Yarn Elf

Linda said...

Love it! Kiddos are so much fun. None of my current have enough undercoat to spin.