Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cuddle into warmth

The sky doesn't look any better today than it did yesterday and it's in the low 40's. At least the fog cleared, even if not too high!

Nikki's idea of cuddling under a handspun/handknit thrums scarf is a very good idea. The thrums were won on eBay in 2004 and I spun them 2 ply. Pretty, but there seemed to be some mohair in the thrums. Still, I used some of the yarn for this scarf as a project in Liz Lovick's online Shetland Lace Workshop in 2005. Beth was gifted the scarf for Christmas that year.

Think I'll go cuddle under an afghan and knit....


Ilix said...

I think that is a great suggestion!

Layl said...

Okay, so did you cuddle under the afghan and knit?
Yarn Vixen

Nancy said...

...afraid I got involved with other stuff and didn't knit thisa fternoon. Sigh.

Linda said... you probably don't want to hear it's 68 here and we're expecting a high of 76?