Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sugar and Sweetheart socks

When we lived in Southeastern Arizona I was very fortunate to have raised sheep. My first two were twins, Sugar and Sweetheart. They were Jacob x Cormo. I do still have some of their fleece to process and I just love the white heather yarn I spin from their white sections.

The second pair of handspun socks I knit (about 1999, I think) was a Judy Sumners pattern from the web in handspun white heather jacob. They have held up pretty well, and get worn every year. They have felted some, but that's probably a washing problem! (As always, click on picture to "embiggen" and you can see the detail in the socks!)

The fleece from 'my girls' is just luscious. The white heather acts like cormo but almost feels like cotton! Soft. Comfy. I'll be posting more projects from 'my girls' in future posts.

Oh, and as a follow-up to yesterday's post -- today is a warm, Spring-like 50 degrees on the way to 60 or so. It's been lightly cloudy all morning, but there's a clearing line to the north and west!

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yarn elf said...

Nice socks, something to keep the feet warm while you knit and think of those in Arizona and the sheep you raised. There is nothing man can make that compares with the work of God in nature's colors or tones.