Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday Sky and More

As of mid-afternoon Saturday, it still hasn't exactly cleared from solid greyness, but the sun is attempting some light through the cloud deck. At least there isn't any precipitation yet. Right now at 42 degrees, it would be rain. Rain turning to snow is predicted for tonight.

It is definitely handwarmer weather and I wanted to share this pair of sideways garter stitch fingerless mitts. Again, they are handspun heather jacob from 'the grrls'. These are a little longer than most of the pairs I've knit...long enough to cuff.

After grocery shopping this morning, DH and I were able to get some yardwork done. The rest of the garden was cleared, the compost pile spread onto the garden. The leaves are still falling in abundance, so they get spread on the garden then all of it tilled in for winter. The last two stages of the production are expected to occur over next weekend, our 5 day Thanksgiving weekend. Why five days? Here, the first day of (rifle, as opposed to archery) buck season is Monday and the schools always get the first day of buck season off.

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Linda said...

Rifle season started yesterday here. My brother hunts all of them - archery, black powder, rifle - so we don't see much of him in the fall.