Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Talkin' About Christmas Stockings...

In December 2005, Grandson Blake came up to visit right before Christmas. He hoped to see snow since that was something he'd only seen in pictures. There was a little snow while he was here. He even got to take pictures of it falling as well as to learn how to push and shovel the white stuff!

I was pretty excited to have a kid during the Christmas season, though sad that he wouldn't be here for Christmas itself. Even if a kid's a teenager and not believing in Santa, per se; still, it's fun! We decided we'd celebrate a Christmas for him right before he left to go back home, even down to the meals! And, presents! We had to have presents (all of which had to be able to pass through the xray at the airport). The most fun to unwrap are all the smaller things that go into a Christmas stocking, so I designed a stocking in his favorite colors and knit it up for him.

I had never knit a Christmas stocking, much less designed one. I used a 'wonky' letter design for his name and a standard block lettering for the "HOHOHO". Actually had all the yarn here in the yarn stash. So, that was really fun! The two pictures above are of the stocking on its own and filled with wrapped goodies leaning against the fireplace. It couldn't hang -- too many goodies!

I've shown a scarf for Beth and there were two other scarves that year, one for sister and one for Blake's dad...hold your breath for those in another post!

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yarn elf said...

Nice to share and create memories with a grandchild. The colors remider me of a day after a snow storm, white ground blue sky. Never can give too many goodies and the best goodie is a stocking he will have for years.