Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Whatever happened with Hopeful?

This blog started out with a post that Jenna Adorno's pattern for "Hopeful" had not been finished...and "Hopeful" was indeed finished in June 2006 and shown as a show-and-tell at Meg's Knitting Camp 2 in 2006. I'd also found a lace shawl pattern from "Katie Knits" blog (Melbourne, Australia, posted August 22, 2005) that works really well with the shiny cotton yarn (Classic Elite Provence) because it glistens in the stitches' shadows. The pattern for "Snakes and Ladders Stole" that Katie posted was one of those apparitions when I needed it!

I did make the neckline somewhat higher than Jenna's original pattern, though it's still low-cut. The neckline and the tie are really nice, though, to knit. I can't say the same for the yarn...I was very unhappy with it because it was splitty, splitty, splitty!

The "set" is really nice to wear in summer and works with jeans or slacks...probably would work with a skirt...i don't wear many of those so I can't say....

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Layl said...

Perfect outfit for your day of snow/rain !!! very nice... Layl, the Yarn Vixen