Monday, November 05, 2007

Update Monday

Update time!

Thought I'd better take advantage of the sun before it hides this week for rain today and chance of snow the rest of the week, per the National Weather Service!

The sock hasn't been worked on for a few days, but the heel is turned and am working on the just-round-and-round foot part for about 3 1/2 inches before the toe. It's pictured on the empty strawberry pot that has made its way to one of the back porch picnic tables on its way to the basment so it won't crack over the winter.

Meg's KAL Christmas stocking is almost ready for the name part and I have to chart that. I think I'm going to knit "God Jul" with the omlauts over the O since that basically means Merry Christmas in Swedish and the stocking isn't for anyone in particular. I am fond of the Swedish half of my heritage!


kpollard said...

I see you are zipping along on your stocking. Your idea of using Merry Christmas in Swedish is a good one, you should be proud of your hertiage. It will also go well with your stocking. The basic sock should be your mindless project, around and around-no chart like stocking
Yarn Elf

BettinaInDenmark said...

Sock looks good, but I don't think there is an omlaud over the o in the swedish "god"? It makes it easier to knit ;-)

Best regards,