Sunday, November 04, 2007

Yarn Run and Reading

The last twenty-four hours have brought the newest Cast On and Interweave Knits magazines to my mailbox. That, of course, meant that last night was spent in perusing the magazines rather than knitting.

And then I've been concerned that my Christmas reds and greens wouldn't be enough to finish the stocking or any other possible projects. So, after church we stopped at Jo-Ann's. DH wanted to get black velvet to back his "Mr. DJ USA" medal from years ago. No problem with the black velvet. But holiday yarn choices were slim. The personnel were very helpful, and very concerned because they're afraid that store is not getting their holiday yarns this year since they haven't come in yet. The rest of the store is decked out with fabrics and decorations and silk plants, etc. all in the holiday spirit. The two skeins shown above were my only choices. At least I had a choice!

Christmas knitting looks mighty good for Tuesday...The National Weather Service is predicting "Chance of Snow" for Election Day and Chance of rain every other day this week.

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Layl said...

Choice is always good ! Hurry right along so we can see the finished sock. Think some other stores are having probs getting Christmas yarn in this year, perhaps the closure of some manufacturers is partly to blame?