Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving countdown;or, Seasonal colors of the Russian Prime variety

Before church this morning, I asked DH to take this shot. The only other pictures I have of the Russian Prime I finished last June are, well, worse than this, I think. No, I'm not really happy with this picture but, there are few pictures taken of me that I ever liked, so this will have to do for the moment! (Click for bigger if you dare!)

Last Fall, there started to be talk about a KAL for Meg Swansen's Russian Prime sweater. The problem was the pattern's accessibility. The videos were all gone, Wool Gathering #49 was sold out. The DVD wasn't due until Spring. What's a 'grrl' to do?

By February I was able to get Wool Gathering #49 and the video. The KAL was to start February 1st. I was going to use red and white J&S shetland 2 ply jumperweight. The swatch told me this was not a good choice. (Yes, I swatched! Pardon my swearing....) Back to the drawing boards. So, one phone call to Schoolhouse Press later, I had ordered orange and brown quebecoise. Tami and Eleanor at the Schoolhouse are great! I did get the DVD as soon as it came out. It's so very, very helpful.

The best new inventions I have discovered are opaque colored tape and enlarging the chart on my printer! The tape I use on charts that can be pulled off each line and changed for the next one. It can be reused about 30 times or more! Thanks, Amy, for having it at Camp!

The KAL was a lot of fun. My plan was to have my Russian Prime finished by June 1st along with the ribwarmer so that I could also have my Mimbres finished for camp. The flight stopped that, but I was able to finish this Russian Prime and the ribwarmer! I was determined my flight would not stop me from going to Retreat 2.75. It didn't, but I surely wasn't myself. (I am grateful to be alive. If you would only see the path I took into an antique glass door handle and thrown by the antique door over the basement stairs to land on cement covered brick, you'd understand....). Surely do hope to be accepted for this coming summer.


Roberta said...

Where did you get the opague tape? I could use some for the Mystic Waters shawl. Thanks for the idea!

Nancy said...

Amy sold it at camp!

Kim said...

I love the Russian Prime - especially since you were kind enough to make it in Cleveland Browns colors! :-)

Layl said...

I still like your color choices - very striking.
Yarn Vixen

Linda said...

Nice sweater. A KAL? Who knew? Ahem...

N. Maria said...

You have a wonderful "sight" for your knitting. Your color choices are perfect and look stunning!
I was accepted for Camp this past July but family matters held me back. I cried and cried. I then joined MSknitting Camp and read everyone else's excitement. I cried some more.
I'm so glad you are okay.
I would love to see your rib warmer!

yarn elf said...

The colors speak of fall, but it looks like fall became winter to fast.

It so neat the things we now have to help us do our knitting. Tape, magnetic boards etc to keep your place on a chart line. They are experminting on yarn to make designs with no color changes (like the self-patterning yarns on a bigger scale. A sweater that shows off the knitter.