Wednesday, November 28, 2007

As Promised

Christmas 2005 found not only Blake here a week and having Christmas early, not only the Shetland handspun scarf for his mother, Beth, but also a scarf each for Blake's father Thomas and his sister Shelby.

For Thomas, who is manages a cattle ranch, I chose the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern from Hello Yarn. It's a simple but classic cable. For a ranch manager who has to spend many cold nights during calving season in the damp cold, I thought it would guard against a touch of bronchitis.

Shelby is a lively teen who loves bright colors, specifically red and bright Autumn colors. Having found some Red Heart Acrylic in autumnal variegation, this simple rib pattern was perfect.

Both of these scarves can take harsh treatment, washing machines and dryers and getting dropped in the dirt without casualty. Ta Da! Perfect for their lifestyles!


Linda said...

Whoo hoo!

How's the stocking?

yarn elf said...

Scarves such a gift that gives and gives.They must think of you often in the winter. They can be made so many ways with so many yarns. Can be a mindless project.