Friday, November 16, 2007

Freezing (?) Flaky Friday

Waking this morning after hearing North by Northwest winds buffeting our bedroom all night, I expected to see the predicted inch of snow. I was pleased to see only flakes and 32 degrees. The sky looked halfway promising of the storm breaking up. Yesterday we had most every kind of weather -- clouds, wind, sun, rain, rain/sleet, sleet/hail, rain, sun and snow.

The very last Shasta daisy of the season is wilting. There are also Purple Coneflowers and Nearly Wild roses that believe the blooming season has been extended this year.

With the seasonal weather (as we expect snow around here the week before Thanksgiving), it was time to break out the winter 2005 "Homespun Poncho" crocheted from a "Crochet Fantasy" Oct. 2004 magazine pattern. Crocheted with handspun white heather Jacob from "the grrls", I have a fondness for it even though I haven't made the best of friends with its unflattering boxeyness.

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yarn elf said...

At least you can hide your Christmas goodies or hands under itwhen the wind blows. Nice color, at least your girls are still with you and share the gift of warmth when it is cold. The color will go with anything.